OCM's flexible doors are industrial doors with swing closing mechanism made up of rubber in the lower part to resist at impacts, which makes them suitable for all industrial contexts and for the logistics sector, where there is the continuous transit of forklifts, transpallets and other machinery and therefore requires a robust and collision-resistant structure. In addition the transparent PVC in the upper section guarantee the maximum visibility of transit and allows the passage of light for maximum comfort of the working environment.

The opening at 180° with a system of spring of those industrial swing doors allows the continuos passage of people and forklift without the structure being damaged by the impact-resistant rubber parts.

The metallic structure of the flexible swing door can be galvanized, painted or made of stainless steel.

At the same time PVC crash doors gurantee a good thermal insulation so as to ensure a minimum dispersion of heat in every season with consequent energy savings and allow the insulation of the working environment from noise and dust.

-Guarantee energy savings
-Impact resistant
-Customizable in structure and swings
-Easy to install
-Low maintenance
-Easy to clean

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